Welcome to the Open Living Review of Andreev States#

Why Andreev states#

Andreev states were first described about 50 years ago [And65], kicking off the idea mesoscopic superconductivity. The last decade has seen a dramatic expansion in the experimental realizations and theoretical descriptions of Andreev states. These include systems that could host fundamentally new quasiparticles (the non-abelian Majorana zero modes) and even be used as devices in quantum information systems (i.e., Andreev qubits). Suffice it to say here that this is a subject of great interest.

Why living review#

The rapid development of any field in breadth and depth presents a barrier for new entrants. Our concept of “living reviews” address several gaps in scientific process, particularly for rapidly developing fields. This includes descriptions of foundational pedagogy, theoretical ideas, experimental techniques, and data interpretation that are all maintained from a moden, state-of-the-art lens. In particular, this review will aim to update our understanding of past work based on what we know now.

Project state#

We are setting up the project and its infrasturure, bear with us until we add content.


Everyone welcome to contribute, while a few of us (Anton Akhmerov, Valla Fatemi, André Melo) moderate the development of the review.



AF Andreev. Electron spectrum of the intermediate state of superconductors. JETP, 22(2):455–458, 1965.